How to Get Free Samples from Amazon

You might be guessing by now that I have an Amazon obsession (did you see my Subscribe & Save post?). I think it is more of a freebie/savings obsession than an Amazon obsession, but they definitely fuel my fire with all the extras they offer. Last year, I found out that Amazon Prime members can get boxes filled with free samples from Amazon! Here’s how it works….

Head over to Amazon’s Sample Boxes page. Browse their current offerings.. Maybe you’re a fitness & nutrition nut, beauty queen, or a spoiler of dogs… Whatever you are, there is likely a sample box for you. Once you choose your sample box (or boxes), add it to your cart. Upon check-out you do technically have to pay for the box-BUT-it essentially becomes free, as you’ll get a credit on your account of the same amount to go towards a future purchase. The important thing to remember is the credit is only valid for items that are similar to the theme of the sample box… So, if you don’t have a dog, you probably don’t want to buy a dog-related box. If you’re not into skincare products, don’t get the Luxury Skincare Sample box.
Last year I got a box of health & beauty samples for $11.99. I used my credit to get free makeup removing wipes and facial cleanser-both things I would have bought anyways… so why not get a box of freebies in addition?! The boxes are always changing, and each is available for a limited time. Pictured above are the samples I received in the boxes I have tried.

Let me know in the comments if you think you’ll try any of the sample boxes! Did you know about this Amazon Prime feature already??


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