How to Get 24 Meals Shipped to Your Door for Under $100

Earlier this year, we went on a quest to try every meal-delivery box we could find that shipped to our zip code. In all, we tried 8 different companies. Most of the time, we would utilize the intro-rates and then cancel to save money on groceries. This ended up working out very well! As a subscriber to some of these boxes, there are savings I get to pass on to you. Follow the instructions below to try four of these companies for yourself with some great savings!

*Note:This savings scenario is applicable to anyone who has not already used the below services. Valid for new customers only. Some combination of these savings may apply to you if you have not tried all of the companies below. If you use the links in this email, credits may be applied to my account for referring you.

Home Chef

First up, Home Chef. Normally, a box of 6 meals (3 dishes of 2 servings each) costs $59.70. By using this link, you’ll get a $30 credit on your first box, making it $29.70. We’ve been very happy with the selection and outcome of the meals we’ve had from Home Chef. Some favorites include a Caprese Burger, White Turkey Chili, and Shrimp Tostadas. Pictured above is our Mongolian Beef. Home Chef offers a nice variety to tailor to specific diet preferences, such as vegetarian, calorie-conscious, and carb-conscious meals. We have not had any issues with Home Chef as far as food being missing or having gone bad in the time between packaging and cooking.


HelloFresh is a great option for first-time meal subscription users, first because you can get your first box of 6 meals (3 dishes, 2 servings each) for only $19.94 using this link. After your first box, the price goes up to $59.94. The second reason why HelloFresh is great for first-timers is because the meals aren’t too adventurous (not a lot of unusual spices or ingredients, but still delicious). What I have REALLY loved about HelloFresh is the fact that they send emails or coupons with “freebies” to send to friends if you remain a customer. I’ve been able to give out 12 free boxes to my friends and family since signing up. We have had to deal with customer service on a couple of occasions-missing ingredients or water-logged produce, but they have always been pleasant to deal with and have offered credit towards future boxes on these occasions. Some of our favorite HelloFresh meals have been Argentine Chimichurri Steak (pictured above), Crushed Peppercorn Steak, French Onion Burgers, and Sizzling Southwestern Chicken. Customers are able to choose 3 of 8 meals each week.

Daily Harvest

I was introduced to Daily Harvest from an ad that kept appearing on my Facebook News Feed. Pictures of delicious and nutritious shakes got the best of my curiosity, so I decided to try it out! What I learned was that Daily Harvest offers not only shakes, but healthy “sundaes,” soups, and Harvest Bowls. I was maybe too adventurous with my choices in my first box… Some of the smoothies were way to “earthy” tasting for me. I LOVED a few of them, though! The Watermelon Cucumber Smoothie was so light and fresh, and the “sundae” was awesome, too. The nutrition facts are also impressive. Calories range (My most caloric smoothie was about 160 cals), so just make sure you check the facts while building your box if you’re worried about tracking nutrition. If you’d like to try Daily Harvest and get 3 of your first 6 shakes free, use this link to bring your first order total down to $24.

Green Chef

I discovered Green Chef when researching healthier meal delivery boxes. Green Chef is a little different than the others because there is less freedom to choose your specific meals. Upon sign-up, you’re asked a series of questions about your diet and ingredient preferences, and then 3 meals are generated for you. What’s great about Green Chef is the option to choose vegan, paleo, keto, omnivore, or gluten-free options. This does alter the cost of the box. If you were to use this link to get 4 free meals from your first omnivore box, the total would be about $24 for your first 6 meals (3 dishes, 2 servings each), plus shipping. I really appreciated how little prep was required with my Green Chef meals. Everything came washed, chopped, and bagged. All that was left to do was combine and cook!

Here’s the breakdown of this deal:

Home Chef: $29.70 for 6 meals

Hellofresh: $19.94 for 6 meals

Daily Harvest: $24.00 for 6 shakes/items

Green Chef: $24 for 6 meals

Total: 97.64 for 24 meals

Remember, if you decide to use these intro codes be sure to cancel your subscription after your first order is billed, unless you want to continue your subscription at full price.

Overall, meal boxes have been a fun way to add a bit of adventure to our dinners, and using these deals has helped save money, too! There are several others to choose from, but I’ve featured only four in this post with great intro deals. These discounts apply to “family” boxes, as well, but your cost will be more than the 2 meals per dish outlined here. Let me know if you try any of these services and how you like them!

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  1. We’ve tried a few meal services. So far HelloFresh was a favorite — my teenage daughter loves to select and prepare the meals, so it was easy for me! I ended up cancelling though, because I kept forgetting to skip weeks and was therefore charged….just wasn’t helping me save time or money.

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