Dill Pickle Chicken Salad

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If you know me, you might know that I love dill pickles. The crunch, the dill flavor, the salty goodness… What’s not to love?! My love of pickles is what inspired me to put a twist on the old classic chicken salad. This dill-icious creation is fantastic on your favorite bread as a sandwich, or can be used for as a wrap filling with a tortilla or lettuce.

I made a large batch since we had company coming to visit, but honestly it is so delicious that you could make the same sized batch for fewer people and I’m sure it will be gone before you know it! The recipe below will make enough chicken salad to fill about 10 sandwiches or wraps.

I begin by dicing raw chicken breast and cooking it in a frying pan. A combination of olive oil and bit of butter give it the best flavor. This recipe would also work with canned chicken breast, or with cut up rotisserie chicken if you’re looking to skip a step. The picture below features my cute owl spatula (a gift from my friend Dani), and our GreenPan. The GreenPan is beautifully non-stick and doesn’t contain possibly unsafe ingredients like Teflon.

While the chicken breast is cooking, I prep the rest of my ingredients- celery, onion, pickles, and fresh dill. The celery, onion, and pickles get chopped into small pieces, and the dill is finely chopped. Make your life easier by checking out these herb scissors which makes cutting fresh herbs SO quick and easy!

Before these scissors, my “finely chopped” herbs were much more “roughly chopped.” I used Claussen’s Kosher Dill Minis in my latest batch of Dill Pickle Chicken Salad. Use any brand you like best, but I would recommend using the “mini” type of whichever brand you get, since those tend to be the crunchiest.

Once the chicken is golden and cooked through and the other ingredients are chopped, it is time to mix it all together and add the mayo & mustard. I was recently chosen for a sampling of Hellman’s new Extra Creamy Mayonnaise through Crowdtap. Hellmann’s Extra Creamy is made with 40% more eggs than their original recipe, which really does make a difference in terms of texture-so smooth!

I used Hellmann’s Extra Creamy mayo in my latest batch of Dill Pickle Chicken Salad, and the results were wonderful. I didn’t expect to notice a difference, but the smoothness changed the texture of the recipe in the perfect way. I was also able to add less mayo than I would normally need to. Hellmann’s Extra Creamy was easy to mix in and covered all of the ingredients. I generally end up adding more regular mayo when the coverage doesn’t seem full enough, but didn’t need to here. I loved that I was able to add less to make this dish a bit less fatty. I would recommend trying Hellmann’s Extra Creamy in your next recipe that calls for mayo so you can decide for yourself!

See the recipe below for details on how much of each ingredient to add. As always, use your own judgement in terms of your taste preferences… Maybe you’d like fewer pickles (are you crazy?), or more celery for extra crunch… Do what makes your taste buds happiest!

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Dill Pickle Chicken Salad

A dill-icious twist on an old classic.

Servings 10 sandwiches


  • 4 cups chicken breast diced and cooked
  • 3/4 cup pickles diced
  • 1/2 cup celery finely chopped
  • 1/2 cup onion small diced
  • 1 cup mayo
  • 1.5 tbsp dijon mustard more or less to taste
  • 3 tbsp fresh dill finely chopped
  • Salt/Pepper to taste


  1. Dice chicken. Season with salt and pepper and cook on the stovetop in olive oil and butter. You may skip this step and use canned chicken breast or cut up a rotisserie chicken.
  2. While chicken is cooking, dice celery, onion, and pickles.
  3. Finely chop fresh dill.

  4. When chicken has finished cooking, combine all of the ingredients and mix.

  5. Taste and add additional ingredients as necessary, such as salt, pepper, mayo, and mustard.

  6. Let cool and serve between bread, or inside of a tortilla or lettuce wrap.

Disclosure: I received Hellman’s Extra Creamy Mayonnaise for free through a sampling. Although this product was of no cost to me, my opinions and recommendations are my own and would stand true if I had purchased the product.

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  1. I rarely make homemade chicken salad because my husband loves the recipe our local grocery store makes. He might enjoy this dill variety, though.

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