Loopy Yarn Halloween Wreath – For Kids or Adults!

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This post will explain how to make a quick and easy Halloween wreath. The project was inspired by a post from The Navage Patch I saw on Pinterest (see their winter version here). Walking around the craft store, I saw the basket of loopy yarn, and a Halloween version came to mind! This project is ridiculously easy and would even be perfect to do with older children. (Younger kids might have a tricky time keeping the yarn from tangling). There are an unlimited number of ways to decorate the wreath and personalize it to your space. I made two different styles, since I couldn’t commit to just one idea. Check out the steps and video below!


The Process

The process is pretty straightforward, especially if you check out the video below, but I’ll still lay it out here. First, use a pin to secure the end of the yarn to the wreath. Begin to wrap it around slowly, making sure not to let it tangle. After every 2-3 loop around, stop and slide the yarn along the wreath making sure there are no spaces. Continue the process until the yarn has made it all the way around and secure with another pin.

The next step depends on how you decide to decorate the wreath! With the fairy lights, I used the yarn loops to secure the wire instead of wrapping it around. The spider rings had an opening in the back, so it was easy to secure them also. I used hot glue for the pom poms and skull heads.

Last, hang your wreath using one of the loops. Leave a comment sharing how you decorated your wreath. Happy Halloween!

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