Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

Gift Guide: For the Dinosaur Lovers on Your List!

Dinosaurs… A beloved creature by girls and boys of many ages! There are tons of gifts out there for your little dinosaur lover. Let’s face it, they have ENOUGH dino figures to last them a life time. There’s so much more than figurines! Check out some of my favorite unique dinosaur gifts below.

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Dinosaur Aqua Drawing Mat

Draw on this mat with water again and again. Educational and fun!

Dinosaur Take Apart Toys

These take apart toys are fun to take apart and put back together in different combinations. This toy is also great for development of fine motor skills!

Big Head Dinosaur Cars

These dinosaur riders are friction-powered, so they’re easy to power by just pushing them forward.


Light Up Bath Toys

Bath time is already a hit.. Once you add these light up dinosaurs it will be even more beloved! They light up automatically on contact with water.

Dino Light Projector

Forget counting sheep… Count dinosaurs instead with this fun projector.

Dinosaur Poke-A-Dot Book

Melissa and Doug’s Poke-A-Dot books are a hit with kids. PLUS it adds a hands-on learning component and helps with development of fine motor skills. If you’ve never purchased or gifted a Poke-A-Dot book, I highly recommend them! There are many different topics to choose from here.

Dino Crunch Game

This game is not for the easily scared or faint of heart. The dinosaur in Dino Crunch will jump forward and scare the losing player. Really fun and funny for those who aren’t too upset by a little fright!

T-Rex Neck Pillow

Let’s be real – your dinosaur lover probably has enough dinosaur stuffed animals. This neck pillow serves a purpose AND can act as a stuffed animal when not in use.

Dinosaur Terrarium

A STEM toy that incorporates plants and dinosaurs. A fun project and a great addition to a nightstand or dresser.

Augmented Reality Dino Globe

This globe featuring dinosaurs comes to life by downloading an app! Fun and educational for the fact-loving dinosaur fan.

Chomp and Roar Mask

Moving eyes and a jaw that opens to cause sound effects… This is a fun mask for older dino lovers as well as young!

Dinosaur Backpack

Amazon has tons of dinosaur backpacks to choose from for boys and girls! Perfect for storing all of those dinosaur toys!

Gifts for Dinosaur Lovers

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