Niagara Chocolates Party

Thanks to Tryazon and Niagara Chocolates, I hosted a party so my friends and I could try several Niagara Chocolates treats. Tryazon connects brands and consumers and sends free products for testing in exchange for spreading the word. Over 200 hosts were chosen for the Niagara Chocolates party. Each host received several coupons and 18 bags + 20 bars of chocolate! It was plenty to create a beautiful charcuterie display, plus guests each took home a variety bag of goodies and a chocolate bar to share with their families.

I hosted a Chocolate Happy Hour with friends after work on a Friday. We were able to unwind together after a long week and enjoy all of Niagara’s tasty flavors. The Toasted Coconut Clusters and Sea Salt Caramel Cups were the favorites overall. Some guests found the milk chocolate too sweet, while others thought it was just right… It really depends on the individual’s taste, but Niagara has something for everyone with the variety of combinations they offer.


😍 These @niagarachocolates are SO tasty! Especially Caramel Cups 🤤 Thanks to @tryazon and Niagara for the party pack #tryazon #niagarachocolates

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We discussed how Niagara Chocolates are made using small-batch techniques and non-GMO ingredients. My guests hadn’t heard of Niagara Chocolates until attending the party. They were excited to take the coupons and look for Niagara in stores.

I generally am not a coconut fan due to the stringy texture, but I LOVED the Coconut Clusters from Niagara! It was the perfect flavor combination without the unpleasant texture coconut can sometimes have. We loved that some treats were made with dark chocolate, some with milk chocolate. It seems like dark chocolate is often reserved for bars by itself. Niagara incorporates dark chocolate in many of the products in their line. The dark chocolate and sea salt caramel combination is awesome, and the dark chocolate helps cut the sweetness of the caramel.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Niagara Chocolate in stores nationwide. They even have some holiday inspired flavors which would make perfect stocking stuffers or additions to your holiday party spread.

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