Valentine Pretzel Thins

I’m a sucker for a treat that satisfies both my salty and sweet tooth, which is why I’ve always loved dipped pretzels. This Valentine’s Day, as I try to stick to eating healthier, I thought Pretzel Crisps with just a small drizzle or dip of candy melts would be a good choice. Plus, I’ve already portioned baggies up for Kyle to bring to his classmates, leaving me only 5 or 6 to snack on when Valentine’s Day arrives.

You Will Need:
Pretzel Crisps
Candy Melts in desired colors
Wilton Candy Decorating Bags
Chocolate Chips

This is the first time I’ve used pretzel thins instead of pretzels for this classic dessert. I love how they turned out, but was disappointed about the amount of broken pieces in the bags of Pretzel Crisps when I first opened them up. I purchased two bags, sorted the whole and broken ones into two piles, and ended up with an entire bag of broken pretzel thins to put back in my cupboard.

I decided to do two different batches of pretzels-one batch drizzled, one batch half-dipped. I set out my pretzels from the first bag on foil and put my colored candy melts into Wilton Candy Decorating Bags. Using the bags makes the melting and drizzling process much simpler and makes clean-up a breeze. I also prefer to use the pre-colored candy melts versus dying vanilla almond bark myself because of how easy the candy melts make things! They can be purchased online, at craft stores, or usually in the craft or cake decorating aisle of Walmart, Target, etc. If you don’t have access to candy melts, food coloring and white chocolate or vanilla almond bark will do the trick just as well.

Follow the directions on the melts or the bags, depending on what technique you decide you use. Once the melts are smooth and ready to drizzle, go back and forth over the pretzels as a whole-no need to go one by one! You’ll see in my picture, some of my drizzles were curly.. That’s because I didn’t cut the hole in the tip of the bag large enough at first, so it was curling upon exit… No big deal! Just make the hole larger and get back to drizzling. When you’re finished drizzling all of your chosen colors, add some sprinkles if you wish.
My second batch was much more time consuming because I tried to be careful and fancy with my sprinkles and patterns. For this batch, I melted chocolate chips and white candy melts as the base. Dip half of the pretzel, use a toothpick to get the candy out of the pretzel’s hole, and decorate as you wish! I had to re-melt the colored bags to add designs.

If you’re feeling like spending extra time on your treats, read on for how to create the design below.

Step 1: Dip the pretzel
Step 2: Add lines in alternating colors
Step 3: Use a toothpick to pull the lines in one direction 3-4 times across the pretzel
Step 4: Use a toothpick to pull lines in the opposite direction between your first lines
Step 5: Ta-da! Let dry and enjoy!

I love this design because it looks intricate, but is fairly simple to execute.

Finish off your pretzels by placing into festive (or clear) baggies, and store in a cool place until ready to enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Valentine Pretzel Thins

  1. I’ve never tried Pretzel Thins but have seen them in the store. How disappointing that you had a bunch of broken pieces — maybe you could put them in the chocolate to make kind of a brittle? Love the way you decorated these. They look yummy!

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