Instant Pot Blueberry Applesauce

I’ve been obsessed with my Instant Pot since receiving it this Christmas! I’m pretty sure I’m a couple years behind on the Instant Pot craze, but I’ve jumped in quickly! It is a MAJOR meal prep time saver (Quinoa in one minute… WHAT?!) and all the one-pot dishes make clean up a breeze.

Over the past couple weeks, I have made several batches of apple sauce with the Instant Pot while trying to perfect the process and recipe, and I think I have it! I love how quick and easy the process is, as opposed to the old fashioned technique for making it by hand (which can be fun,too). Below you’ll find my Blueberry Applesauce recipe, as well as general tips and tricks I’ve found while experimenting.

To Peel or Not to Peel?
When initially researching pressure cooked applesauce, the recipes weren’t always clear on whether or not to peel the apples. Some said it didn’t matter, while some just showed pictures of it being done one way or the other. I’d say if you have the time, you should peel your apples. You definitely will want to if a) you don’t like unexpected texture in your food or b) you don’t have an immersion blender. When I didn’t peel the apples, the immersion blender was able to blend them just fine, but thin spears of peel remained in the final product, no matter how much I blended. The immersion blender is amazing to use for this recipe since it prevents having to transfer to a blender and finish that way.

Time to blend!

To Strain or Not to Strain?
For pressure cooked applesauce, only a small amount of water (1 cup) is required for cooking. When the pot is first opened after cooking, it looks like the perfect texture, but once blended, it becomes runnier than your traditional packaged applesauce. Whether excess water is taken out with a ladle, or with a fine strainer, you will be glad you got it out. Check out the glass of blueberry apple juice I unexpectedly made in my last batch of applesauce! I’ve also noticed that non-strained applesauce ends up separating in the jar.

Surprise! Blueberry apple juice!

What kind of apples make the best applesauce?
I say, whatever kind is on sale! I’ve experimented with several combinations and haven’t had a bad batch yet. A favorite was my honey crisp, granny smith, and pink lady combination (with a touch of cinnamon), but any apples or combination of apples will do just fine! I do like to include 1-2 apples at the tart end of the scale in each batch to cut the sweetness.

Is added sugar necessary?
Short answer, no. Long answer, if you’re used to store-bought applesauce, it will taste a bit bland without it. If concerned with carbs or sugar intake, add your alternative sweetener of choice.

The prep steps.. Don’t overfill the pressure cooker as pictured here! I took some apples out before beginning the cooking.

Get to the dang recipe already!
Okay! Below is a printable and easy to read version of my Instant Pot Blueberry Applesauce, but here is a short list of tips if you just want to start with a basic applesauce (no blueberries).

  • Clean your pot, top, and ring before cooking-especially if the last thing you cooked was savory.
  • About 10 large apples make 2 large mason jars full of applesauce. Shoot for 4 pounds of apples.
  • Use an apple corer/slicer to speed the prep process
  • Peel your apples before pressure cooking (see above)
  • Remember to remove the stickers!! (oops!)
  • Don’t add too much sugar. It is easy to add more after it cooks, but you can’t turn back if you add too much!
  • Add cinnamon if you like the taste of it
  • Use a ladle to remove excess liquid before blending
  • It is SUPER hot when it is finished cooking. Be careful to avoid splatter while blending, or give it some time to cool.
Served over vanilla ice cream. Yum!

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Instant Pot Blueberry Applesauce

A quick and flavorful blueberry applesauce recipe prepared using a pressure cooker. This recipe is for a 6 oz pressure cooker, but amounts can be adjusted to fit any size, just take care not to exceed the max fill line.

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  • 10 apples (or about 4 lbs)
  • 1 pint blueberries
  • 1 cup water
  • 1/4 cup sugar or preferred sweetener


Preparing Ingredients for Pressure Cooking

  1. Wash and peel apples, wash blueberries

  2. Cut and core apples

  3. Add apples and blueberries to pressure cooker with 1 cup water. Make sure your apples do not exceed the max fill line.

  4. Add desired amount of sugar or other preferred sweetener

  5. Seal pressure cooker and use “Porridge Mode,” or set manually to high pressure for 20 minutes. Release steam as desired, quick release or manual release will both work.

After Pressure Cooking is Complete

  1. Remove excess liquid using a ladle, or let cool and strain if desired

  2. Using an immersion blender, blend ingredients together until desired consistency is reached.

  3. Let cool and enjoy by itself or over ice cream!

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  1. This looks super easy to make, and I am sure my daughters will love this. I will need to try this soon. I am always looking for Instant Pot recipes, so this is awesome.

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