Cricut How To: Cut out a face in Cricut Design Space (Video Tutorial)

Watch the video below to see how I make face cutouts using my Cricut and the Print & Cut feature in the Design Space. These are great for personalized cupcake toppers, masks, and a variety of other DIYs. As with any project featured on my blog, if you don’t have the supplies or desire to do this DIY on your own, Contact Me to place an order!

In this video I was making cupcake toppers with the face cut out. Full disclosure, I purchased the pictured cupcakes from Target since I didn’t want to have 24 cupcakes laying around my kitchen asking to be eaten! Additional full disclosure… I celebrated my 21st birthday a handful of years ago and these toppers were made for the sake of this tutorial only.

Here are the supplies and programs I needed to finish the project:

* I used Paint 3D for the first steps of this project since it was available to me on my laptop. If you have other photo editing programs that can make cutouts easily, those will work for this project, too.

What are you making with face cutouts? Tell me about your project in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Cricut How To: Cut out a face in Cricut Design Space (Video Tutorial)

  1. I see your bday is a day after mine 🙂 happy belated bday and Thanks for that tutorial, I found it
    pretty helpful in understanding to make these toppers. Super Cute!!

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