Cricut How To: Convert Multi-Colored Images to Cut Files (Video Tutorial)

Recently, I’ve had the need to create several multi-colored images using my Cricut. If you’re familiar with the Design Space, you might know this isn’t something that happens automatically upon uploading an image. The easiest way to cut out a multi-colored image is to use the “Print then Cut” feature. However, that isn’t always the “look” I’m going for, as that just looks like a printed image. I wanted to create these images using different colored paper, which takes some extra time and skill in the Design Space.

Below is a step-by-step video showing how to upload an image and create different layers for each color. The easiest way to learn is to watch the video! If you feel as though you’d catch on with a brief written explanation, see below the video for my abbreviated how-to.

Briefly, the easiest way I’ve found how to do this is to upload the same image multiple times – once for each color. First, I save the image as a “Print then Cut” in order to have a guide to follow for proportions. Next, I upload the image again and erase everything except the base color. (In the case of the project pictured on this page, that would be the black). Then, I upload the image again as many times as needed, erasing all but one color each time. Once all the colors have their own layer, place them over the “Print then Cut” image like a puzzle. This is importance, since it helps to keep the layers proportionate. When everything is lined up and assigned to the correct color, delete that base image and let your machine do the cutting magic!

Time to glue the pieces together!

This logo I helped a friend with ended up on top of a graduation cap. Cute! I’ve used the same process for putting specific images on cards, or with vinyl for cups and signs. What will you make or have you made using this process?

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