Gifts for people who love cocktails

Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Lovers on Your List – PLUS Win a $15 Gift Card!

Whether they’re a newbie, or a spirits expert, these gifts are sure to please the cocktail lover on your list! This post is part of the Gobble Till Ya’ Wobble Giveaway Hop, so read to the bottom for a chance to win a $15 Gift Card from me, plus check out all of the other giveaways going on right now!

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Cocktail Subscription Box

Shaker and Spoon is a cocktail subscription box that sends you everything you need to make 12 cocktails – 4 servings of three different recipes. All you need to supply is the alcohol (one bottle will be used for the whole box). This is a fun way to try something new, especially in 2020 when we’re not going out for drinks as often. It is also a great way to gift an “experience” rather than something material. Get a subscription for yourself, or purchase one for a friend!

Bartending Kit

There’s a huge variety of Bartending Kits available on Amazon, with prices starting under $20 for a simple set. This 11-piece set is $35 and highly rated.

Ice Sphere Molds

This set of 2 sphere ice molds has lasted in our house for several years. The sphere takes forever to melt and keeps drinks cold without quickly watering them down.

Insulated Shaker

Simple Modern is a trusted drink-ware brand. These Insulated Shakers are sure to make your cocktail-lover smile. There are patterns to choose from!

Rokz Spirit Infusions

Rokz makes a variety of fun rimming salts&sugars (I need to try the peppermint sugar for a holiday cocktail!), and spirit infusions. There are a several spirit infusion flavors to choose from–you just add the blend to vodka to create fun flavors! From fiery pepper to citrus blueberry, there’s something for every cocktail lover on your list!

Cocktail Smoker

Smoked cocktails aren’t my favorite–but they’re a hit for many! This handheld smoker can infuse cocktails as well as foods and is highly rated on Amazon.

Fancy AF Recipe Book

“From classy to trashy, drinks for every occasion.” Fancy AF is a book of cocktail recipes that are for the more advanced home mixer. There are a variety of ingredients a standard home bar may not have on hand, but nonetheless this book will help your cocktail lover up their game!

Insulated Martini Cocktail Glass Set

These glasses keep drinks colder for longer, without freezing your hands. They’re shatterproof and unbreakable, making them perfect for poolside cocktails. SNOWFOX also has other stylish drinkware sets worth checking out!

Cocktail Picks

These sleek, stainless steel picks are perfect addition to any bar for garnishing drinks.

Gin Making Kit

This kit has enough ingredients to make 3 bottles of a custom small-batch craft-gin at home. It comes with a variety of botanicals to mix and match, and comes with suggested cocktail recipes for once the gin has been infused!

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Gifts for people who love cocktails

150 thoughts on “Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Lovers on Your List – PLUS Win a $15 Gift Card!

    1. Men are difficult! I’ve been working on some gift guides for men too, they should be posted in the next couple of weeks!

  1. ALL of the men on my list are the hardest to buy for. My husband and Dad topping the list of hard to buy for men.

    1. Men are some of the hardest to shop for! Keep an eye out for more gift guides, I’m working on some for men 🙂

  2. I make a lot of the gifts I give and then there was a site that did Christmas in July and they will ship out closer to the holidays so I have a good portion finished.
    The hardest person to shop for —-my husband.

  3. I haven’t started shopping yet. My grandkids ate the hardest this year. There is nothing they need and they don’t know whay they want

  4. My holiday shopping is not going well. I recently broke my leg and I will be lucky to get out before Christmas.

  5. It’s not going very well this year. We have cut way back and are only buying for the grandkids and so far only purchased a few things.

  6. I’ve started shopping for my daughters but haven’t shopped for my sons yet. They are teens and are very hard to please.

  7. I am going to be completely honest and hope there is no judgement.
    (I know that those 2 things you never see on the internet , honesty, and no judgement LOL) But here is to hoping that the past 7 months may have changed people for the better!

    I am a single momma and have not gotten any presents yet. The only people I worry about are my kids. They are hard to buy for. Thats why I do these little things like enter giveaways. Hoping to win a little extra something to buy stuff for the kids. Or things to give as presents!

  8. My husband is the hardest person to buy for- we’ve been married 22 years and I’m never sure if he likes the gifts I buy him.

  9. I haven’t started my holiday shopping yet but I do the majority of it on-line anyway long before COVID was an issue. Yay! Cyber Monday! Lol

  10. I am almost done with holiday shopping this season but I still have to get something for my dad. He is by far the hardest person on my list to buy for!

  11. Im just about done with my Holiday list. I shop year round for deals. The hardest person to buy for is my in-laws.

  12. I started a few months ago and I am about halfway done. My grandma is difficult to shop due to low vision.

  13. Its going well. I’ve gotten a few things for each of my kids. My mom is the hardest to buy for…. she always wants to return her gifts, even the ones she specifically asks for. haha!

  14. I only have a couple of items to purchase for Christmas. My husband is the most difficult to shop for because he truly prefers to give than receive and will give his gifts away.

  15. I havent even started yet (eek!). The hardest on my christmas list is my dad and hubby. Thanks for the chance!

  16. One of my great nephews is hard to buy for because he will never tell anyone what he wants. He’s so sweet and thoughtful and doesn’t want to sound greedy, asking for gifts. Can you believe it?! He’s 12.

  17. My mom. Gosh she is already picky but she also has everything. Finding new and unique that shows her style is difficult.

  18. Everyone is hard to shop for on my list, but I am MOST worried about my son, niece’s and nephew’s getting gifts from me. Money has been tight! I have been getting things every so often and hiding them in my closet lol.

  19. We won’t shop for each other due to Covid and not being able to see each other on the holidays. We all decided maybe we will be able to meet in the spring. 🙁

  20. My holiday shopping is going well. I’m getting everything online, and avoiding in-store shopping. My husband is the hardest person to buy for.

  21. I just buy throughout the year when items on on good sales and save for Christmas. No one is hard to shop for here!

  22. I’m not sure we’ll be shopping this year for the most part. Low on funds and covid restrictions might be in place. I might order something online for my partner and he’ll probably make me something because he likes woodworking.

  23. I’ve only bought one thing for my Mom so far. My daughter us the hardest to shop for because she just turned 21.

  24. I do all of my holiday shopping online and it is going well so far. My mother is the hardest person to shop for.

  25. Shopping is going well. I’m about halfway through. My 19 year old son and my husband are the hardest to buy for.

  26. Hubby & I always bye things for the two grandchildren, and then we always do a family drawing to bye other gifts for the adults with a 50.00 price limit.

  27. I was just talking about it this morning and my daughter is the hardest one to buy for so will start soon. Everything will be shipped we have been in since 3/13 and have no plans to go out till covid is over.

  28. Christmas shopping is not going at all yet. I am so behind this year and have not been able to get into the spirit of any holidays this year. My sons are hard to buy for.

  29. I haven’t started yet but usually my sister-in-law is the hardest to buy for. She’s a lot younger than me and I always have NO clue. And when I ask her what she wants for Christmas, she says “There’s nothing I really need.” Ugh!

  30. I have started my holiday shopping but I have a lot left to do. The hardest person to shop for is probably my brother-in-law. I don’t know him very well and he and my sister live on the other coast, so I have to mail their present.

  31. i got bout half of my holiday shopping done n got all the makings of the thanksgiving dinner bought too im ready. i guess the hardest one on my list to buy for is always my two grandkids cause they are teens theya re hard to buy for for me the trends change too often

  32. One of my daughters, who is in high school, is the hardest to shop for because she doesn’t always say what she wants until the last minute. Like the day before Christmas.

  33. It is going ok. All of my extended family is hard to shop for. No clue what to get them this year and its hard because we are not going out to stores to see things.

  34. Shopping is going slowly. Still waiting on Christmas lists. My brother is the hardest to shop for! So picky even with gift cards.

  35. I am actually more ahead this year than I’ve ever been. I started back in May, and my kids are pretty covered. Shopping for my oldest is always the hardest. The older she gets, the harder it gets. I think this year she only asked for gift cards.

  36. I honestly do not have anyone that is hard to shop for aside from my mom. Everyone is pretty simple for me . Thank you for the chance to win!

  37. My dad is the hardest. His hobbies are RC planes and fishing, two things I know nothing about, so I never understand what he’s telling me he needs for his hobbies.

  38. I haven’t really started shopping yet but my dad and spouse are the hardest to buy for. I guess men in general.

  39. The hardest person by far to shop for is my Mom. She always tells me to get her nothing – which is no help!

  40. Well, considering I haven’t even started shopping yet this year it’s not going so well! My husband is by far the hardest person to shop for but my son is getting to be a challenge too.

  41. Holiday shopping is going for great for me so far.
    The hardest person on my list to shop for: I would say my cousin.

  42. I don’t have a hard time getting for my family just because I get them gift cards to where they like to shop! 🙂

  43. My teenager is the hardest to buy for. I’m barely started – but tend to do a majority of mine on black friday!

  44. It is going good for me thus far! I actually got a lot of it done online. My brother is the hardest person I shop for.

  45. My dad is the hardest one to shop for because he doesn’t have any hobbies. he has a strict diet, he claims he doesn’t need anything and he’s picky about what he wears.

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