Summer Speech Homework – Free Printable Handout

Below is a free resource created for SLPs and parents alike. This handout contains practical ways to encourage maintenance and carryover of speech sounds. Students work hard on their articulation skills in speech all year, and continuing to practice at home is important. SLPs can send a copy home with end of the year progress […]

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Speech Therapy Unit for Elementary Aged Students. The Popcorn Shop accompanied by a free TPT resource and some "popcorn" and you've got a days worth of sessions to target all your students' goals!

The Popcorn Shop: Literacy & Language SLP Unit for Elementary-Aged Students

When I’m working children in speech thearpy, I do my best to make things as easy as possible by finding one book/video/activity to focus on for the day, and adjusting my activities within sessions to target their varied goals (Check out another preschool language activity that could last you all day here.)Today’s themed SLP unit […]

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Do Cows Meow?: Literacy & Language Activity for Preschoolers

When I was working with preschoolers or elementary-aged students in speech therapy, I tried to choose a book or song as a “theme” for my sessions. I’m working in a high school now, which is fun in its own way.. But I do miss the kiddos! Anyways, last summer I found myself working in an […]

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