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Cucumber Lime Cocktail Punch

An easy and refreshing summer cocktail.

Resting Time 2 hours
Author laurenlouise50


  • 12 oz Container Frozen Limeade Concentrate
  • 1 whole Cucumber
  • 2 L Sprite Zero
  • Optional/To Taste Vodka


  1. Spiralize or thinly slice cucumber.

  2. Add soda, cucumber, and limeade concentrate to container of choice and mix.

  3. Add vodka as desired... Note that the flavor of the vodka doesn't come through very strongly in this drink.. So be careful!

  4. Let refrigerate for 2+ hours. Stir again before serving.

Recipe Notes

Depending on the size of your pitcher or punch bowl, you may not use the whole 2 L of soda. I saved the leftover soda and used it to refill the pitcher (as well as added a bit more vodka) after serving my first round of drinks.